Commercial Movers

ACE Moving and Storage is also an experienced commercial and office moving service. As a ​specialty mover of large heavy items (Pianos, Safes, Filing Cabinets etc.) we are well equipped to handle most commercial moving needs. The only exception being large machinery and or hazardous materials.
Fire/Water Damage Relocation

ACE Moving and Storage also specializes in residential and commercial relocation in the event of fire or water damage. This usually includes removing the furniture and other household goods, storing them while repairs and or reconstruction occurs, and replacing them after construction is complete. In some cases where the damage is minimal, some items are simply moved to another location within the residence. In almost all cases your homeowners insurance will pay for this service.

Moving Rates

Many Commercial and Residential Moves are billed on an hourly basis, with varying rates depending on the number of men and trucks needed for the particular job. However, we also offer convenient flat rates and moving packages as well. Please call or email us for a Free Estimate or go to our Contact Us/Get a Quote page for your free online estimate.

Free Moving Estimates

ACE Moving and Storage will be happy to provide you with a free estimate for your move. Smaller moves can usually be done over the phone, while larger moves require an on-site inspection. Please give us a call at 540-489-2064 or drop us an e-mail at​

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ACE Moving and Storage is a fully Licensed and Insured moving company. We provide the standard coverage for your valuables while in our care, custody, and control. This insurance is calculated by weight and will have a maximum liability based on the gross weight of the particular item/items. Additional insurance may be purchased and may even be required by us if the items we are moving for you are unusually rare and or valuable. This will be discussed with you when estimating the cost of your move.