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Make your next move a GREEN ONE! 

At the Choice Relocation Group of companies, we strive to make your moving experience as smooth, quick, and efficient as possible. When it comes to handling your valuable possessions, you want to know that you’re hiring a professional moving company with environmentally friendly, sustainable, uniform systems and procedures in place. At Choice Relocation Group, we call these systems and procedures SmartPack® 

SmartPack® is a proprietary moving system and registered trademark of Choice Relocation Group. This unique system allows us to move customers’ belongings more quickly and efficiently while greatly reducing packing time, damage risk, and material waste.  Our SmartPack® system utilizes specific moving processes and procedures as well as unique proprietary equipment. The system integrates uniquely equipped moving vans and reusable totes, crush-proof cartons, TV cartons, and moving pads.  

The SmartPack® system will typically reduce the amount of paper, plastic and cardboard products used on a move by 80%.  This simultaneously saves the customer money by substantially reducing materials and labor expenses, while dramatically reducing the carbon footprint. That’s a win-win in our book. On average, our customers buy 80% fewer boxes, paper, and plastic packing products which would inevitably get thrown away after their move. 

How it works 

The first step in the typical moving process is to pack all dishes, breakables, and loose items into boxes for safe transport. With SmartPack, instead of selling the customer boxes they will only use once, we would instead rent them our reusable packing crates called SmartCrate® for roughly half the price of cardboard. We would have our team pack these on move day or deliver them to the residence prior to move day if the customer wishes to pack themselves.  


SmartCrates®, are our proprietary Stackable Plastic Moving Crates. These reusable rugged totes are used in place of standard cardboard moving boxes when packing loose items in a residence or office. They can be securely locked using zip ties making them far safer for valuables and much more secure than standard boxes. The SmartCrate®, meets HIPAA guidelines to legally secure your most valuable documents. Once packed and locked, they are easily stacked and moved on our own custom dollies.  

Made from 10 lbs of High-Density Polypropylene. The SmartCrate®, handles are ergonomic, and the traction bottom surface prevents slippage. Label areas are textured. Adapts to letter and legal sizes. Optional Hanger bars available. Empty SmartCrate®, nest quickly when not in use. 


Interior: 24.25″ x 15.25″ x 12.75″ Exterior: 27.75″ x 18.25″ x 13.5″ Capacity: 2.75 cu. ft. Delivery: Straight Truck (26′ x 8′) = 500 crates/125 dollies. As pictured here – Stack and roll 4 SmartCrate®, effortlessly on our SmartCrate®, Dolly. 

CPC – Crush-Proof Cartons 

Our proprietary crush-proof cartons serve as a safe, convenient, and cost saving way to quickly pack fragile items such as lamps, artwork, and picture frames. We simply wrap each item with a re-useable moving pad, and then slide it into a slot in the crush-proof carton. That’s it!  

Conversely, a typical mover’s procedure would involve wrapping each item with paper or plastic padding, putting the item in a cardboard box, then taping up the box. The result: added labor costs and materials on the customer’s bill and lots of waste.  

We have additional CPC cartons designed for Flat Screen TVs and Wardrobe cartons for hanging clothing.  

Our moving pads and crush-proof cartons are designed and built for sustainability and are re-used for many years of service. 

Here is a visual comparison of the typical amount of disposable materials used on an average 3 bedroom residential move, compared with the same move using the SmartPack® system.  

Typical 3-bedroom Packing materials list with 230 cubic feet total of box space plus wardrobes and TV boxes: 

  • 15 Small Boxes 1.5 cubic ft  
  • 30 Medium Boxes 3.1 cubic ft  
  • 12 Large Boxes 4.5 cubic ft  
  • 10 X-Large 6 cubic ft. 
  • 40 two-piece mirror cartons 
  • 40 paper pads 
  • 6 Wardrobe Boxes 
  • 2 Flatscreen TV Boxes 
  • 3 Rolls of Bubble Wrap  
  • 2 Dish Barrel Boxes 5.2 cubic feet  
  • 2 Dish Cell Kits  
  • 30 lbs. Wrapping Paper  
  • 3 Rolls of Bubble Wrap  
  • 1 Tape Dispenser w/ 6 Rolls Packing Tape 

All of these cardboard-based products would typically be used once and disposed of. Not exactly environmentally friendly! However, if the SmartPack® system was used instead, we would simply replace the disposable boxes with reusable totes, moving pads, TV Boxes and CPC cartons as follows:  

SmartPack® by comparison: 

  • Rental of 84 SmartCrates® 
  • Rental of 6 CPC Wardrobe Boxes 
  • Rental of 2 CPC TV Crates 
  • Rental of 2 CPC Picture/Lamp Crates 
  • 30 lbs of packing paper 

Using the above systems, we would reduce the paper-based waste down to only newsprint! We would not even have to use tape to tape up the boxes since the SmartCrates® are interlocking! 


Our trucks are equipped with more dollies and specialty moving equipment than most companies. They also feature a unique two-tiered loading system designed to handle any move.  This system includes specialized shelving that allows our crews to load shipments faster and safer than traditional methods. This system also greatly reduces the risk for damage since it relieves the stress of having certain items stacked directly on each other in the truck while being transported.  

At Choice Relocation Group, our SmartPack® system is available with all companies in our family. 

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